I enjoy the challenge of controlling Crystalline process with extensive
record-keeping, experience, observation, and attention to details.
My ceramic surfaces are my canvas where my artistic acumen is at play.
- Salman Ikram


2014            Seeing is Believing, Standerd Chartered,   Lahore,– Pakistan

2013            Sublime Expressions, Mussawir Art Gallery,   Dubai – UAE

2013            Fourth ASNA Clay Triennial, V.M. Art Gallery, Karachi – Pakistan

2012            Hamail Art Gallery,   Dubai – UAE

2011            Clay Reborn, Vogue Art Gallery, Lahore – Pakistan

2010            Chawkandi Art, (Solo Exhibition), Karachi – Pakistan

2009            Ejaz Galleries, (Solo Exhibition),  Lahore – Pakistan

2007            National Exhibition, Pakistan National Council of the Arts.  Islamabad – Pakistan

2006            Ceramics Tri Annual, Karachi Arts Council.  Karachi – Pakistan

2005            Chawkandi Art, (Solo Exhibition), Karachi – Pakistan

2004            Ejaz Galleries, (Solo Exhibition),  Lahore – Pakistan

2003            Nomad Gallery, (solo). (Solo Exhibition), Islamabad – Pakistan

2003            Ceramics Tri Annual, Karachi Arts Council.  Karachi – Pakistan

2002            Urran Exhibition,  Zenaini Gallery,  Karachi – Pakistan

2002            National Exhibition, AL-Hamra Arts Council,   Lahore – Pakistan

2001            Ejaz Galleries, (Solo Exhibition),  Lahore – Pakistan

2000            Journeys with the clay,  Karachi Arts Council.  Karachi – Pakistan

2000            V.M. Art Gallery, Rangoon Walla Center (Solo Exhibition),  Karachi – Pakistan

1998            AUS-PAK, National Collage of Arts Gallery. Lahore – Pakistan

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Potter Pal

Potter Pal

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A software purely from a potter' s heart

I always wanted to have a centralized place to manage all of my Materials Recipies and Firings but i never found such a piece of software which was created from a potter's perspective. So i ended up designing my own.

Potter Pal is available both for Mac and Windows Versions
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