Studio Potter

Salman Ikram has long been drawn to the vessel form as the essence of Ceramic Art. Instinctively aware of the meaning within our ancient human engagement with ceramics, He has evolved an archaeological metaphor in his work. He throws pots and vessels on the wheel and takes them through a physically arduous and hazardous process of firing and finishing with the result that his pieces already appear to be artifacts. If Salman Ikram's works are deceptively simple in form, there is considerable complexity in the detail. Unlike the hard, undifferentiated surfaces of commercial glazes, the surfaces of Salman's ceramics reward detailed examination - the more you look, the more there is to see. He masterfully uses the unique medium of crystalline glaze which undergoes continuous metamorphosis while under the kiln's blaze.

As a ceramist Salman Ikram has an in depth working knowledge of glazing techniques. He uses both reduction and oxidation processes to create the desired effects and opts for the greater flexibility of gas firing. Weather you see his Crystalline glazes, Copper reds, Matt or Dry art forms his pieces exhibit his total control of firing and glazes.

Salman Ikram, who is acknowledged as an exceptional ceramist of this generation, even by his peers. Salman says “My works is an exploration of materials and techniques which are employed to create individualistic Art forms, featuring a balance between shapes, texture and colors

I find great pleasure in embracing the challenge of controlling the intricate Crystalline
process through a combination of meticulous record-keeping, experience, keen observation,
and a strong attention to detail. It is within the realm of ceramic surfaces that my artistic
acumen truly comes to life. These surfaces serve as my canvas, allowing me to unleash my
creativity and artistic vision. Each piece becomes a testament to the fusion of technical
expertise and artistic expression, resulting in captivating and unique ceramic creations.
- Salman Ikram


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